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Harmony is a ‘make it happen’ Project Manager who will take your vision and help move it forward with clear expectations. She is highly skilled at establishing and achieving realistic timelines, setting clear expectations as well as identifying and mitigating potential challenges along the way. As a company, you provide the destination and allow Harmony to navigate your team along the journey. All journeys have potential setbacks, but effective Project Management is about knowing where those setbacks may come up and planning ahead to prevent derailment. Allow Harmony to guide your team through the project journey and across the finish line in an efficient and timely manner.

Harmony is your guide along the twisting, harrowing road of project implementation. She’s ready to Take the plan and turn it into reality with her strong expertise and extensive experience in project management.



Once Harmony has been provided a vision, she will begin mapping out your journey. She will make sure your vision is attainable and confirm the desired deliverable. Harmony will support the holistic team to determine what needs to be done, by when, and the resources required to make it happen


Once the goals have been laid out, Harmony will begin project initiation which includes assembling the project delivery team and beginning to find the path to hit the target deliverable. She will collaborate to assemble the team required and install a strong foundation of collaboration and teamwork. It is incredibly important to begin building relationships with the stakeholders at this stage; trust is essential. It must be built quickly in order for the project to succeed.


With the vision as the focus point, Harmony will work highly collaboratively with stakeholders and leadership to fill in the details required to bring projects to reality. Risks will be identified and mitigation plans created to help keep things on course when the inevitable roadblocks and detours pop up

Final Mile

We’re almost at the end! It’s time to bring the project over the finish line. It’s when the end is in sight when teams can lose momentum and roadblocks can pop up with higher frequency, but Harmony is ready to keep the motivation going and drive towards the final result of launching a completed project.


Reflection. Congratulations, the project has crossed the finish line but there are always post launch bumps. Commonly referred to as Hypercare, Harmony will keep an eye on adoption, issues and SOW completion with vendors to ensure the project is ready to wrap. At this phase, it’s valuable to support the team through some reflection such as: What went well and could be improved on for future projects

With 10+ years

of project management experience

across a variety of operational implementation projects, Harmony specializes in software development projects working closely with functional/business project members, leadership and executive stakeholders and the technical teams who make it happen. Harmony has worked within a client organization to support internally driven projects and managed System Integrations (SI) Partners to stay on course. Harmony also has integrated within SI teams to manage clients and manage SOW delivery. Harmony’s experience working on internal projects and with SIs, combined with her history in Operations Management, gives her a unique perspective and knowledge to manage and support all angles of project perspectives. Harmony has ample experience with Agile Project Methodology and is skilled at supporting teams to transition to this style of highly effective and efficient project delivery. Harmony focuses delivery for projects requiring 15 – 35 hrs / week of Project Management for periods of 4 – 12 months.

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